Family & Friends

Both of us are closely connected with our family. All of Alicia’s family live in the St. Louis area, so there are many family events and parties. Alicia has three siblings (two brothers and a sister) and two nephews and a niece. Jessica’s immediate family also lives within the St. Louis area. This includes her parents, her sister and brother-in-law, her nephew, and three nieces. Jessica has also relatives whom live in California whom she visits regularly. More relatives live close enough by to come to visit on Thanksgiving.

“They have a good potential for parenting because they realize it is a serious undertaking and responsibility. I know they will do their very best to give a child the love, support, and encouragement it takes to see a child grow into a healthy, caring, well-rounded, happy person. Jess and Alicia will thrive on this journey that is a wonderful part of life” ~ Sandy, Jessica’s mom.

A great group of our friends. This was on a trip to Ireland.


Alicia’s grandma. She is awesome and is a hoot!


Us holding our brand new nephew Theodore. We love him!


Alicia and her mom Betty out at a concert.

Betty and Alicia

Jessica and her mom Sandy painting the baby room. Sandy is an awesome painter and is always willing to help us! We are doing a nature theme with brown and green and various animals such as frogs, turtles, and bunnies.

Jess and Mom

Alicia’s with her cousin’s daughter Avery. She’s really like a niece :)

pic of us 15

Jess’ side of the family at our annual Thanksgiving get together. It is always fun!

Extended Family

Alicia and her immediate family (minus her mom) on her brother Steven’s wedding day!

alicia immediate

Alicia, her mom, and our sister-in-law Maddi at Alicia’s art show!

Art show