Letter to You

Dear Expectant Parent(s)
Thank you for reading our letter. We know that this is probably a difficult time for you. We are so grateful to you for considering adoption and we care very much about you and the situation you are currently in. We have tried for several years to conceive a child but have been unsuccessful. Adoption is something we have always considered and feel that it is the route towards parenthood that is intended for us. Our hearts burst with the desire to have a child in our lives and we will strive to be the best parents that we can be when that time comes.
About Us
Our relationship started over 10 years ago when we met through a friend. Alicia was smitten by Jessica and vice versa. The first year of our relationship was long distance as Jessica was finishing up her graduate degree in San Diego and Alicia was in St. Louis. We like to say that we “fell in love in Mexico” because we took several trips together to towns throughout Baja Mexico during that first year. Once Jessica returned to her hometown of St. Louis, we built a home together and also continued to build our relationship. We are each other’s best friend, soul mate, and life partner. We are very grateful to have found and committed to each other!
Ideas about Parenting: We both long to create an environment in which a child can have every opportunity to fulfill their potential. This, to us, includes spending a lot of time engaging with our child in creative, loving ways. When our child is very young we plan to spend a lot of time having him or her close to us; using a wrap to hold the baby and having our baby sleep in the same room as us. Engaging in imaginative play, dancing, spending time outdoors, hiking, rolling around in the grass, taking trips, and teaching our child to garden are activities we can envision engaging in throughout the childhood years. We are an outdoorsy, active couple who spends a lot of time outdoors, taking long hikes most weekends. We desire to teach our child about nature and go on a lot of hikes and camping trips. We have already bought a small closet full of some of our favorite toys in preparation for parenting :)
We plan to continue traveling throughout our lives, because we enjoy it so much, but also because we feel that it really exposes children to settings and cultures outside of their own. How our child is educated is very important to us. Our neighborhood has an excellent school system and we have also started exploring some of the private options available in the St. Louis area. We also plan to teach our child about having a spiritual connection to God. God is a very important part of both of our lives and we would like to help our child explore and foster a connection to God.
About our Home and Family
We live in a friendly suburban neighborhood about 30 minutes outside of downtown St. Louis. Our home is an active, happy place. We are animal lovers and have both dogs and cats. We live close to several wonderful parks which offer hiking and even swimming. Much of our free time is also spent in the city of St. Louis, engaging in activities such as farmer’s markets, concerts, and the wonderful parks and cultural events which exist there.The centerpiece of our backyard is our large organic garden, which we both tend to with love. Much of what we eat, vegetable-wise comes from our garden. We also have a volleyball court in the backyard for when we want to play volleyball or badminton. Jessica played volleyball in college, so she likes to hit the ball around every now and then.
Alicia works as a videographer at a local university and has a fairly flexible schedule. Jessica is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at a local college. This is her dream job and it allows her a wonderful work life balance. She is off in the summers and often works from home one or two days a week. Jessica will plan to be home full-time when the baby first comes and from there we will be able to always have one parent home with the baby so we will not need to utilize daycare.
Our extended family is very supportive of our plan to adopt a child and is a major part of our lives. We are fortunate that our entire immediate family lives in the St. Louis area, so we are able to see each other on weekends, and not just holidays. There are several children in our family and everyone looks forward to us growing our family. Jessica has a lot of relatives in California and Alicia has a relative in Iowa, so we do get to visit them regularly.
Our Message to You
Our utmost concern is that if you decide to pursue adoption for your child that you find an adoptive family that meets your needs and makes you happy. We understand the commitment that we are undertaking as adoptive parents and the trust that you would be placing with us. We promise to parent your child to the very best of our ability and we commit to being open and honest with you every step of the way. We are very open to having a current and future relationship with you, via an open adoption, if this is something that you desire. Thank you very much for taking the time to read our letter. Please do contact us if you feel that we might be the right place for your child. Love to you.
Jessica and Alicia