About Us

Who Are We?


Marital Status: Married June 2010 (but we’ve been together for over 11 years!)
Favorite Trip Together: Ireland with a big group of friends
Child Preferences: Any race or gender, newborn to three years, open to multiples
Type of Home: Single family – suburban setting
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Religious Preference: Spiritual

We are home study approved!

Click on this link to watch a video of us and some of our family members playing “music” with our nieces: CLICK HERE to view

Part of our backyard in the winter. That is our large organic garden. We really enjoy gardening and look forward to teaching our child how to garden.


Our close friend Drea said the following about us:

“They both are wonderful individuals of excellent character.  They both also have a wide variety of skills and interests to share as they expand their family. Their love of cooking and of fresh vegetables and fruits derives from their interest in organic gardening (they manage to produce an amazing amount of vegetables). Their creativity finds outlet in their artistic talents, such as Alicia’s photography, and those artistic outlets expand outward into a love for the arts. They have equal passion and skill in sports, and they also love the outdoors. They frequently take their dogs hiking and camping as well. All of this speaks to their capacity for nurturing growth and character, as they participate in their communities and their world. I am so excited for them as they take these next steps. I have no doubt that they will rise to all of the challenges that parenting holds and will pour their hearts into raising wonderful children that share their deep values and empathy.”

Here’s Alicia talking about how being an artist will impact how she parents and also showing her ceramic skills :) CLICK HERE to view video

Our friend Kelley said the following about us:

“Jessica and Alicia have a beautiful home with an expansive garden, cuddly animals, plenty of yard for playing, and two moms just waiting to shower the lucky child(ren) with love. Whenever I see Jessica and Alicia with children the interaction between them is magical.  They are really “there” with the children, listening to them, playing with them, fully engaged.”